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TreeWorks EchoTree 35 Bar Single Row Bar Chime

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TRE35xo EchoTree™
Alternate tuning
Single-row 35 bars

A haunting new sound in chimes is now available. Our EchoTree has a unique tuning. It may look like the same 5 pitches are repeated over and over, but they're not. It begins with a group of five notes. That group repeats seven times over. Each time the sequence repeats it is lower in pitch. The effect is reminiscent of a siren that changes pitch as it passes you by. The EchoTree is hand-tied with the braided cord that can hold 50-lbs (we don't use plastic ties). 35 aluminum/titanium bars. Tennessee Black Walnu

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Short Description EchoTree 35 Bar Single Row Bar Chime
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Name TreeWorks EchoTree 35 Bar Single Row Bar Chime
GTIN 674086002106
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Manufacturer TreeWorks