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Roland EF303 step sequencer / multiFX

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EF-303 If you are looking for new sounds to affect the "groove" in certain stylistic ways. the groove consists of equal portions of the musical part, the feel with which it is played, the sound character and "vibe". The feel of any groove can be drastically changed by adding EQ, compression or any other effects. Check out the Roland EF-303 unit because it uniquely synchronizes all its effects to the tempo of your music.
The 303 is loaded with both DJ and studio effects that use a total of 16 effect algorithms including: filters, isolator, flanger, phaser, delay, reverb, pitch shift, slicer, compressor, lo-fi, ring modulator, phaser, voice, synth, synth bass, and synth rhythm. The effects are controlled in real time by using four, dual-purpose parameter knobs called: Rate/Low, CutOff/Mid, Reso/High, and Effects Balance. In addition, there are 16 faders, MIDI, and a DJ-ready Grab switch for immediate live performance interaction.
The Step Modulator sequencer, first made popular in the SP-808 GrooveSampler, emulates an analog sequencer with up to 16 stepped events. Useful for DJs, the step sequencer is used with the built-in DSP synthesizer to create bass lines, leads and arpeggios. Also included is an automatic BPM counter for easy, auto synchronization.
Analog controls include: input level knob with peak overload LED, effect output level control and headphone volume control for previewing effect treatments on phones. All connections on the back panel are RCA jacks with stereo ins and outs, inputs for mics, phono, and a trio of MIDI jacks.
After you power up the 303, you can see how easy or difficult this is going to be. With a couple of glances at the manual, you are good to go with the basics and able to get around it pretty well. First processed a track from a CD using the 303 as a DJ re-mix tool. It is great fun so start tweaking your own custom loops! The auto BPM detector isn't perfect but came close enough and it is easy to fine adjust (like an offset), with the handy tempo shift up and down buttons.
You will really enjoyed effect controlling with the Hi, Mid and Low knobs...helping me get inside the groove. Also is cool being able to select the beat (note value) for which the effect is triggered. Going through each of the effects, yous are able to create some new great feeling and sounding grooves. Since the EF-303 will transmit and receive MIDI Clocks, it chase-locked to any sequencer. You can feed a two-bar drum loop into the 303 and selected the Slicer+Pan setting. You can use the Step Modulator to slice out the snare hits on beats two and four so that you can add a different snare sound. This concoction workes so well that it ended being your main loop! Using "Sync Type set to eighth notes" and one of the 303's filter settings, you will be able to create a deep low end pulse underneath this new main loop.
With all of these choices, the important part becomes knowing when you've got something good and then moving on. You will find yourself groovin' on an effect and all of a sudden it is an hour later! You need to make choices with this mesmerizing box.

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