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MXR M-188 Bass Auto Q Auto Wah Pedal

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MXR M-188 Bass Auto Q Auto Wah Pedal
    Authentic Crybaby® Bass Wah tones and Q control
    Sensitivity circuit delivers effects at any volume
    Blendable LFO shimmer goes from tremble to shriek
    Fully adjustable transition from wah to LFO
    Indestructible, die-cast zinc housing
From funky to extreme, this pedal does it all! For adding character to your bass tones, check out the MXR Bass Auto Q. It'll instantly funkify your riffs with authentic Crybaby® wah and add a lush shimmer to sustained notes and chords.

Turn the simplest rhythm and lead lines into complex textural effects, and take your music into uncharted territory. 5 knobs give you infinite control of the Bass Auto Q: Range controls the frequency floor of the effect; Q modulates the intensity of the wah by adjusting the bandwidth of the filter from a broad, subtle curve to a bright, sharp peak; Blend controls the mix between the wah and shimmer effects; Decay controls the transition between wah and shimmer; Rate controls the speed of the shimmer, from tremble to shriek; and Volume controls the overall effect volume.

A rugged footswitch lets you bypass or engage the effect, and graphics glow in the dark to make this pedal easy-to-read on an dark stage. Housed in a virtually indestructible zinc box and powered by a single 9V battery or optional ECB-003 AC adapter.

Dimensions: 4-1/8"W x 1-1/4"H x 4-1/4"D
Weight: 2 lbs.


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