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Fender Classic Reissue Volume Pedal

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The Fender Volume pedal is a simple, streamlined, silvery sensation that puts sensitive tilt-action volume control at your feet—’cause your hands are too busy! A timeless classic. This volume pedal also features a built-in tuner outputs that is not effected by the volume pedal.

  • Tuner Output—Connect to your tuner, if desired. The Volume pedal does NOT affect this output!
  • Input jack—Plug your guitar (or other audio source) in here.
  • Output jack—Connect to the input of your amplifier (or other audio device).
Fender Volume Pedal Specifications
  • Input Impedance: 250 kOhm
  • Nominal Input Level: –20dBV
  • Output Impedance: 0 to 62kOhm, (Varies with Pedal Position)
  • Nominal Output Level: –20dBV
  • Power Requirements: 9VDC (Center Pin = Negative); 10mA Minimum

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Classic Reissue Volume Pedal

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